The owner took the dog out of the car and left quickly

We never stop to be surprised at the heartlessness of some individuals, whom we don’t even want to call people. They take a dog, take care of it and in old age they get bored with the animal and they simply throw it away like a thing.

And our sad story about a similar case. On the surveillance cameras of one of the streets of a town near Moscow, it was recorded how the car stopped and the driver literally threw the dog out of it.

And then, as if nothing had happened, he got back into the car and drove away. The unfortunate dog did not realize what had happened and began to run after the car but he only added speed.

The dog did not lose hope to catch up with the car and ran for kilometers in a row, risking himself because he was running along the road. And when the dog lost hope of catching up with the car, he returned to the same place where he was left and didn’t even move.

The locals gave him the nickname Hachiko, as the animal did not go anywhere, sat and refused food. As a result only a few days later they were able to take him to one gatehouse at the factory.

Volunteer Anastasia Mashkova, using the car number on the record, identified the driver and called him and the non-human, of course, wasn’t happy with this call and said that he was tired of caring for the old and infirm Jesse.

The girl didn’t leave it just like that and went to the police station and wrote a statement to him. Now the girl is looking for caring owners for the dog and is sure that they will be found soon.

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