The owners abandoned this kitten, but Kashtanka began to take care of him, like a mother

Kashtanka had long been homeless and wandered the streets. She wandered from one house to another, looking for food and shelter. Some kind people gave her food, and the old armchair served as a bed and a place for her to rest.

And during the day, Kashtanka ran about her case. Then the dog gave birth to puppies, but, unfortunately, none of them could survive.The young mother couldn’t find a place for herself from grief and kept crying and howling.

And in the evening, she picked up a foundling kitten from somewhere, placed him in that very chair and fed him with her milk. The cat was dirty, small and completely helpless.

Kashtanka warmed and licked him, showing all the strength of maternal love for this baby of a different kind. All the inhabitants of this place were amazed at how kind a dog can be and how it can take care of a helpless creature.

Fortunately, they did not have to endure the winter outside. The family, which owns a large house, found out about this unusual couple and took her to them.

Now both Kashtanka and the foundling live in a large, comfortable house, which is warm and has plenty of delicious food.

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