The owners got a cat whose hind legs did not move.A 9-year-old guy helped them

When 9-year-old Juan found out that the one living in the next house had babies, he immediately went to get acquainted with them. Among the kittens, he saw one baby whose hind legs did not work. He could not move normally and the owners had no idea what to do with the animal.

Juan felt very sorry for the animal, he left with thoughts of how to help him. At night, the boy had an idea that could help the kitten and did not require serious financial investments from the owners of the baby. Having dismantled one of his cars, the boy made a platform on wheels, which could be substituted for the animal under the paws, which do not move. This device was attached to the kitten with straps, giving him the opportunity to move around.

Juan’s idea was very liked by his neighbors. The kid can now explore the surroundings and play with the others. Of course, the platform is designed for the current size of the animal, when it grows up, it will have to be replaced with a larger device, but the owners of the animal say that they will definitely buy a bigger car for the baby.

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