The owners left the summer house, but didn’t take the dog with them. She wandered and begged for help

There are many examples of human callousness and irresponsibility towards their pets. This is exactly what happened with a wonderful dog, whose name is Gesha.

She was very afraid of people and avoided them, and the winters this year were very cold. People wanted to save this unfortunate woman. In general, after the summer season, many domestic animals wandered around the area, which the owners did not bother to take back with them.

Her condition became worse and worse, since it was very difficult to get food and water, and the frosts were getting stronger and the unfortunate Gesha could not live like this for a long time.

But, to great joy, there are also a lot of kind people in the world, and the animal rights activists who learned about it decided to help. The young guy took the dog, became very attached to it, took it to the veterinarian for examination and paid for everything at his own expense.

Gesha was very kind and well-mannered, it was a real pleasure to keep such a trouble-free dog at home.

Now she still lives with this guy, but unfortunately, temporarily. She has already recovered and is completely ready to meet her new owners, who, we are sure, will be found very quickly.

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