The photographer decided to take a nap under a tree and then a cheetah joined him

The photographer decided to escape from the bustle of the city and clear his mind by going to shoot in the wild. Dolph Volker worked as a volunteer in one of the South American organizations. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of endangered wildlife.


Among these animals are cheetahs, leopards, male lions that do not breed, servals, caracals, wild cats, wolves, meerkats, Siberian tigers.

Our hero, a photographer and zoologist, experienced a real revolution of consciousness, which completely changed his life. Most recently he lost his beloved dog which left in his own hands. He was very sad and didn’t know how to overcome grief. He decided to dedicate his life to fighting for animal rights and making people more responsible towards endangered species.


He volunteers on his own vacation and his savings. Cheetahs are considered the most shy and delicate representatives of the cat family. A person needs to work hard to earn their trust. Dolph showed the necessary zeal and he succeeded.The cheetahs accepted him into their circle.

So, one day he decided to take a little rest under a tree. And it was then that Cheetah Eden noticed the man and approached him. He sniffed the man and climbed to hug . Opening his eyes the young man was amazed.

This is how a strong friendship between a man and a cheetah began. Now the guy spends most of his time in their company and he even got the nickname «Cheetah Whisperer».

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