The pit bull himself was injured, but did not think about his own life, saving the owner

The life of this man could have ended quite suddenly if the faithful dog had not come to the rescue.

He told his story on a social network, sharing with users how he miraculously saved thanks to his pit bull. He was repairing the house and quite unexpectedly fell from the stepladder, having lost consciousness.

Seeing the state of his master, the pet immediately rushed to his aid. He grabbed it with his teeth and began to drag it, and hearing the groan of the owner, who was already coming to his senses, began to howl desperately, trying to attract attention.

Neighbors noticed the unusual noise and rushed to help by calling an ambulance. The doctors were shocked by the fact that the American survived at all, since, as it turned out, he had broken knees, cracked ribs and a very serious and dangerous skull injury.

Already after he came to his senses, he made a post on the social network that nothing threatens his life and that it only takes time for it to fully recover.But experts assure that there are no more serious threats, despite the severity of the injuries. And most importantly, the American sincerely thanked his beloved pet, who proved his loyalty and devotion in a difficult situation and said that true friendship is tested precisely through such critical moments.

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