The police stopped the train and jumped onto the subway tracks to…

This is a sweet story about how the police in the New York subway system rescue a frightened cat from the rails and return it to its owner.

The cat named George and his owner Mila Rusafova were returning home from the vet when George got scared and jumped from Mila’s lap onto the train tracks below. The train was getting closer and closer, getting faster.

The crowd gathered to warn the subway conductor to stop the subway after the girl Mila sounded a real alarm. Police officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas soon arrived to jump in and rescue the stranded cat.

“He was breathing heavily and was very frightened” Officer Brian Kenny explained. «He didn’t make the slightest attempt to move. Its tail was a few centimeters from the third rail.»

“He fixed his eyes on us. When I took him in my arms, he grabbed both of my shoulders with the tenderness of a newborn. “He came close to hugging me,” Kenny explained. “I am an animal lover. George would not have been harmed in any way. We were convinced of this from the very beginning and were determined to save this cat.”

And people thanked the police for their quick and efficient work, despite the fact that they caused long delays in the subway. It didn’t matter when the life of a small animal was at stake.

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