The poor kitten screamed and called for help for two days

This kitten, named Vaska, was picked up by a man on the street when he was returning home after work. He got stuck between the wall and the fence. The mother cat was torn between the screaming kitten, which had fallen into a trap and the rest of the children.

And the unfortunate mother made a choice between one and the rest and left with them. And the baby screamed and called for help for two days.

Fortunately, the man was nearby and miraculously saved this baby. The kid didn’t sleep for two nights, he fell on his side and immediately fell asleep.

The baby was named Vaska. He loves to kiss and cuddle with his foster dad. For him, dad is everything. And this love is mutual, a man can’t imagine his life without his beloved cat. Now Vaska is the happiest cat in the world!

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