The professional football player spends his free time rescuing puppies and kittens

Brady Oliveira is a running for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and saves animals in his spare time. He has been doing it for over three years and has seen things he doesn’t want to see.

According to Oliveira, he has formed a mental toughness from football that has helped save him. He keeps going out to save animals no matter what he sees.

Oliveira’s training has not only given him success in sports, but has also helped him with his animal resume work.

Growing up, he knew he needed a scholarship if he wanted to continue school. Sports became his driving force, and he received a full scholarship to the University of North Dakota.

Then after graduation, he got drafted back to his hometown of Winnipeg. As an athlete, he doesn’t get much downtime, but whenever Oliveira is free, he always comes back to the rescues.

His first dog was Nellie, and he rescued her. She was 6 weeks old and running in the middle of the road. Then his next dog was Gunnar, a Golden Retriever who needed to find a new home.

Oliveira wants every dog to have a happy life with a loving family. He finds it difficult to keep going back out, but there are dogs who need his help.

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