The puppy was born with five legs, but he does not lose heart and learns to walk

When the puppy named Jema was just born, she weighed three times less than her brothers and sisters. But not only this distinguished the pet from other babies. she was born with an extra paw.

Gema’s family was worried, because people were not at all sure that they would be able to take care of a special baby. The owners were forced to turn to rescuers from St. Louis, who willingly agreed to help the animal.

As soon as the baby got to the shelter, the whole staff was admired him. Despite the presence of an extra paw, everyone around considers Jema ideal and this feature does not make the dog worse than others.

The baby’s hind legs are absolutely normal, but the front legs are too short. The second forelimb is bifurcated into two paws. The dog doesn’t feel special or left out because of such an anomaly. Gemma adapts to life and even knows how to stand on her hind legs, like a kangaroo. She is happy and enjoys every day, like any other puppy at her age does.

The baby likes the company of people and hugs. Ever since Gemma got to the shelter, she has not stopped wagging her tail to express her delight from communicating with a person.

Currently, the pet is in overexposure, and rescuers are trying to figure out which family is best for her in the future. In the house where Jema temporarily lives, there are two more dogs and two cats who love to play with her.

If you don’t take into account the problem with the front paws, the rest of the baby is completely healthy. One day she will need an operation, but now the baby is absolutely happy thanks to the rescuers and the financial help of caring people.

Volunteers will do their best to make Jema prosperous in the future. In the meantime, she enjoys life in foster care and jumps on her hind legs, playing catch-up with cats.
May the life of the baby be successful!

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