The puppy was covered in tar and was shivering in the rain. People were indifferent and didn’t even notice him

Heartless people threw this little one into the wasteland, which was all littered with garbage. The dog looked like a small bear cub. He rolled on the grass and did not have the skills to lean on his hind legs.

People living nearby often saw him.They thought that he had some defects and wouldn’t last long in this condition.And no one even thought of coming up and seeing what was happening to the baby. However, his will to live was very strong, he continued to crawl and sought shelter from the rains.

One kind person took pity on the baby. But people could not see how the puppy suffers day after day and wrote an ad, spreading it on social networks to find him a home. But during the week everything was still deaf.

Only one girl felt so sorry for the baby that she went to look for him and suddenly it turned out that everything wasnt at all as it seemed to the locals. The dog was absolutely healthy, but all smeared with resin and was completely in it. It was because the resin stuck the wool together she couldn’t move.

The vets didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that people had done this, since there was no resin where he wandered. It wasn’t possible to wash it off and, unfortunately, the smooth and shiny fur had to be cut off almost baldly.

There was sadness in the puppy’s eyes and he behaved quietly and calmly, not understanding why people are so cruel. Even after trimming the fur, he wasn’t completely rid of the resin. The girl Ksenia took him for overexposure, gave him the nickname Rusya and realized that she would no longer be able to live without this crumb. For two weeks, regular bathing, she still got rid of the resin.

Rusya turned into a real handsome man, very grateful to his mistress.

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