The puppy was simply thrown into the trash and the girl could not resist persuasion to shelter him when she saw a photo of the baby

Unfortunately, very often fiends leave kittens and puppies in garbage cans. And those who allow themselves to leave the animal in this way simply do not think about their future fate. But luck still smiles at some animals and they are discovered in a timely manner.
Among these lucky ones was the dog Misha. Three years ago, Elena’s doorbell rang and it turned out to be her friend who found a very tiny puppy in a dumpster that had not yet opened its eyes.

Naturally, she pulled him out of there, but had no idea what to do next. She began to persuade Lena, but she did not want to, since she already had a Yorkshire terrier, quite an adult, as well as a four-year-old cat, Marusya.

The puppy was taken by volunteers from the animal rescue service, but the girl’s friend did not give up and continued to persuade her. The same, quite rightly, thought that the third pet would be superfluous and she simply could not cope with it.

A friend has already lost hope, but still decided to send her a couple of shots with a puppy. And that’s when the girl’s heart trembled. She agreed to take the foundling, barely looking at him. She gave him the nickname Misha and made him her third pupil.

During all this time, she never regretted that she had decided on this. Misha was not only handsome, but also very quick-witted and obedient. The only thing she regrets is that it took so long to persuade her.

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