The puppy was thrown out next to the forest, and his days were numbered. But he was saved and now the baby is full and happy

When Julia Polyakova finally persuaded her family to get a dog, she was sure that only a thoroughbred dog would cross the threshold of her house. She read articles about pets for days on end, talked with breeders and chose an animal to her liking.

Around the same time, her friend suddenly decided to get a dog and chose the most ordinary mongrel. Julia having met the animal was amazed at how smart the purebred baby turned out to be. The girl always considered mongrels to be stupid pets, capable only of stealing sweets. But then her outlook on things changed and Julia decided to save some baby by taking him from a shelter.

The girl choose a puppy for a long time but the adoption was spontaneous.

The kid who was adopted by Yulia got into the same story as tens of thousands of other pets around the world. He were thrown out in the forest belt along with his brothers and sister. The children could have died but fortunately caring people found them.

The entire body of the pets was covered with ticks and dozens of fleas bit the puppies painfully. The baby whom Yulia chose had bloody marks on his neck. There was a long treatment but the puppy’s new family didn’t even doubt that they would cope.

The baby was so skinny that the girl could easily count all the ribs on his body. For the first few days the baby slept at the feet of people, as if afraid that they would disappear. Julia was once again surprised by the curiosity of the mongrel. By the age of three months her pet began to defecate only on the street.

The puppy was given the nickname Chips and now the whole family adores him, and on the street people often confuse a mongrel with a Labrador. The dog is smart and very grateful, and his owners, of course, pamper him.

Thanks to Julia and her family for the decision to adopt a mongrel!

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