The special friendship between a neighborhood cat and a little girl makes people cry

This video is centered around the unique bond that’s formed between @thecolorfulmother’s daughter, Lainey, and the neighbor’s cat, Binx.

Lainey first met Binx in 2020, and they have been friends ever since.

In this scene, we can see a young, short Lainey walking over to the cat.

Soon we see another clip of Laney getting ready to greet Binx, and then another clip. The video shows her petting Binks and then she runs up to him. We also see the couple walking down the sidewalk together.

«He quickly approached our daughter and started saying hello as soon as he saw her coming,» the inscriptions continue. Binx quickly became Lainey’s best friend since she couldn’t play with other children due to the pandemic.

As the video continues, we can see Lainey slowly growing up from clip to clip. Apparently, this friendship has lasted years, and Binx even comes to their house to visit.

Unfortunately, they recently noticed a “For Sale” sign at Binx’s owner’s house. We see a much older Lainey and Binx say hello to each other for the last time. Viewers of the video are understandably heartbroken, with many encouraging @thecolorfulmother to keep Binx in their home.

However, the TikToker responded to these comments, explaining that Binx will be going with his owners. We are sure he will be missed. Although the move is a sad moment, there’s no doubt that Binx and Lainey shared many great moments together.

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