The story of the dog Liza, who, despite her small age, managed to see a lot

Liza was a cub of thoroughbred shepherd dogs, only now, in the litter, he turned out to be the weakest and with numerous ailments.So the breeder, without a twinge of conscience, simply decided to throw the weak baby out into the street.

But she was lucky to be with a volunteer named Lyudmila, who began to treat the dog. She was diagnosed with paxitis, joint problems and ecteritis. The dog didn’t recover for a long time and didn’t gain weight.

At the same time, Lyudmila, who is well versed in dogs, assures that the baby was born weak, as an unscrupulous breeder poorly supported her parents.

Obviously this was one of those creatures who used animals only to make money. At the moment, the dog has become much better and outwardly it can be mistaken for an ordinary adult.

However, as they grew, health problems only increased. She was tormented by severe pains in her limbs and therefore she could hardly walk, her appetite deteriorated and she was losing weight. She also had congenital hiccups.

The woman doesn’t know how to cope with the treatment of the dog, the veterinarians prescribed only a vitamin complex.But expensive tests are needed for a full examination and Lyudmila asks for the help of caring people, because in addition to Lisa she has two more puppies that need to be treated.

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