The street dog whined in pain..Only kind people could not get past it

A dog named Kraylen lived on the street for a long time. She was wounded and exhausted when they found her in the center of the Dnieper. It was noticeable that the dog was in severe pain, fortunately, on the streets of the Dnieper, she came across kind people who realized that the animal needed help and told volunteers about it.

With a high degree of probability, we can say that Kraylen received injuries after falling under the wheels of a car. Volunteers immediately took the dog to the vet.

After examination, it turned out that the injuries of the animal are much more serious than it seemed at first glance. In addition to scratches and cuts, the dog’s bladder was torn, several bones were broken, and his stomach was injured. Doctors considered it a miracle that the animal survived the journey to the clinic and did not die on the spot.

Hopes for saving the dog were extremely small, but the veterinarians promised to do everything in their power.

The operation took more than one hour, several surgeons were involved in the work. Kraylen could not recover from anesthesia for a long time, but nevertheless she came to her senses. Doctors made every effort, further recovery depended on whether the dog had enough desire to fight and live.

Kraylen had a hard time recovering from the operation, at first she needed support even to breathe, so she was placed in an oxygen box. After a while, the dog began to come to his senses.

For a long time, Kraylen wasn’t allowed to eat due to stomach surgery. The dog had to starve for a week, but as soon as her condition improved, they discharged her from the clinic, prescribing a special diet.

Kraylen went to stay with one of the female volunteers. It will take a long time for the dog to gain strength, but now nothing threatens her life.

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