The summer residents left, the kitten was left. The kitten came for help to an elderly man

This was in the autumn season. Summer residents left, leaving their houses until next summer. This time is one of the most difficult, both for the animals and for the volunteers. Every year, many animals are left in empty dachas. The poor guy is left to fend for himself.

This baby is about two or three months old. The man took the kitten, but his cats behaved aggressively towards the new one. The man took the kitten to the shelter. When he gave the baby away, tears shone in his eyes.

The boy was temporarily taken by one of the volunteers who worked at the shelter. On the same day, she bathed the baby. The cat calmly endured the bath. He ate dry food and whatever was given to him. The little one was pretty quiet. Probably due to stress. Kitty immediately began to look for a home. A day later, a hostess was found for him. She really liked the baby and she expressed a desire to take him to her house.

The cat was given away and given instructions for its care. The kid needed to drip his nose regularly. Also, it was necessary to drink an anti-worm drug. The hostess agreed and promised to follow all the recommendations.

In the house, the cat began to behave businesslikely.Immediately went to explore new housing. The hostess didn’t buy toys for him, so the kid took care of things.

For sleep, the cat chose the bed of its owner. They slept together. The cat went to the tray immediately, there were no problems. The hostess purchased an anthelmintic drug for the cat. However, she made a mistake with the choice of means. The drug not only had no effect, it caused poisoning of the body.

Fortunately, everything ended well. Now he lives a happy, domestic life.

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