The tenants vacated the housing, and the Rottweiler was left in an empty housing without food and water

Tatyana thought that she was renting her apartment to honest people. However the last month they had stopped being in touch, so she decided to come and see what was happening.

The house was empty and the woman was forced to remove the lock, and once inside, an unexpected mess appeared before her eyes. The lodgers went out with their belongings and suddenly, from the side of the balcony, a dog came out, which could somehow stand on its feet.

It became clear to the woman that people simply left the animal in an empty house without food and water. Tatyana contacted animal rights activists. They came to take the unfortunate animal. The owner of the apartment knew that the nickname was Jafar.

The condition of the animal was terrible. He was severely emaciated and practically blind. The veterinarians said that the deterioration of vision was due to lack of water.

Volunteers began to give him food gradually because large portions could immediately harm.So he ate eight times a day. At first it was very difficult.Jafar was very weak and fell from exhaustion, but gradually energy began to return to the dog.

Moreover, he behaved well and the stress didn’t make him aggressive. Gradually, the dog began to live a full life but the animal also has liver and kidney disorders, so it needs to be warm.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to provide ideal conditions for him at the shelter, but the staff do not stop hoping that he will be able to find a permanent, caring home.

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