The tiger cub, rejected by his mother found the best friend a puppy

A cat with a dog? Friendship doesn’t distinguish between age, nationality and race. As different as we are, we have more in common than differences.

A good example is the story of this Bengal tiger cub named Hunter and a kurtshaar puppy named Chelsea. Although they are nothing like, the two little animals not only found a common language, but became best friends. It’s so cute!

Chelsea is only three weeks older than Hunter. Both animals are cared for by 22-year-old Anthea Mikhaletos, who lives in a nature reserve in Pretoria (South Africa), where live little friends .

Although now the animals life looks rosy and cloudless, the Hunter had to go through a lot. The tiger cub was born in the reserve. But soon after his birth, his mother began to show aggression towards him. The hunter had to be separated from the tigress.

“Apparently, the Hunter was born at a time when the female felt threatened for some reason, so she rejected him.” says Antea. According to her, if people hadn’t intervened, the tiger cub would hardly have survived in the wild. But no wonder they say that there’s a silver lining : having lost his mother, the Hunter knew true friendship.

Reserve workers introduced the tiger cub to Chelsea and since then the couple has been inseparable. When Anthea releases Chelsea from the cage, the dog immediately runs to the Hunter. Their games are like fights without rules make-believe.. Chelsea always pushes the Hunter and the Hunter jumps over a friend.

The Hunter has no siblings, so he was lucky to have a four-legged friend, albeit of a different kind. Anthea says that playing with a puppy serves the same educational purposes as playing with members of the same species. The main thing is that he isn’t alone.And the puppy is always upset when the animals are locked in different cages at night.

But animals will be able to play and pretend to fight only up to a certain age. When the Hunter is six months old, he will be separated from Chelsea for the latter’s safety. Unfortunately the risk that the grown Hunter will kill Chelsea is too great.He is already striving to cling to the puppy’s throat during games.

But for now, Chelsea is taking down all of the Hunter’s rough games. Anthea takes care that the puppy doesn’t get hurt. She says that six months is enough for such a friendship. Having matured, the animals will lose their need for games and begin to bite seriously.

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