The tigress came to the soldiers for help

The story took place in one of the military units of the Amur region, located deep in the forest.

As you know, this region is full of various living creatures, including wolves, bears and Amur tigers. It so happened that the tigress began to appear at the fence of the unit, which frightened and surprised the soldiers a lot. A big cat wandered along the fence day after day, leaving footprints.

At first, the soldiers wanted to shoot the predator, but she didn’t look aggressive. It became dangerous to go beyond the unit, and a decision had to be made.

A local ranger was called to help. Looking at the tigress from afar, the forester noticed that the animal was healthy and not emaciated.It means that she doesn’t go to the soldiers for food. The tigress most likely asks for help and wants to show something. It was decided to assemble a small squad of soldiers and a forester in order to follow in the footsteps of the tigress and find out what she wants.

The soldiers went along the path that the tigress seemed to have specially left for them. Soon they came to the edge of the forest, where they found an old sawmill. There were a few Chinese who looked like they were poachers. Two tiger cubs were languishing in one of the cages, plaintively meowing and calling for their mother. The soldiers arrested the poachers to turn them over to the authorities, while the huntsman freed the cubs from their cage.

A tigress came out of the forest, who had been watching the events all this time. She, like a peaceful cat, approached the forester and rubbed herself against his hand, thanking her for saving her cubs. After a while, she was already taking the kids into the dense forest. Neither the huntsman nor the soldiers will forget this story about the strength of the maternal instinct of a tigress who came to armed people just to rescue the cubs.

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