The tiny cat cried and begged to have a mother but..

Little kittens were left without a mother and there was no one to take care of the crumbs and their chances of surviving were slight. But there was a kind family who took them for overexposure until they find a new home.

There were also a cub, who was given the nickname Oreo. He was smaller than the others and very noisy. He was weak and grew slowly, and therefore, when the kittens were already looking for permanent owners, no one wanted to take him.

The kid was looking for brothers and sisters or his mother.He was completely alone and the temporary owners said that it was very sad. He wanted the family’s adult house cat to pay attention to him, but he was indifferent.The dog also ignored his requests for companionship and even the skunk showed no interest in him.

A couple of days later, the family also took a red cat with her cubs for overexposure, but she licked him several times and only took care of her cubs.

Months passed and little Oreo spent time on the roof. He was three months old and three more kittens were placed in this house, among them was the same small and difficult growing.

He immediately heard a plaintive squeak.He ran to the baby and began to lick. He understood perfectly well what it means to live without love. And since then, already quite an adult Oreo takes care of all the cats that are weak and require increased love and care.

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