The trembling orphan puppy was hiding in the bushes, but

Once people noticed a puppy. He was sitting forlornly in the bushes, looking around frightened…

Turning to the volunteers, caring people hoped for help.And the shelter staff did not refuse the request. They arrived at the indicated place and at first couldn’t find the baby. The thickets were too thick and the volunteers had to wade through them before they could find the puppy.

The kid looked confused, and fear was read in his brilliant eyes. Flea bites and scabies were visible on the dirty fur.Fortunately, he didn’t run away but sat quietly when the volunteer extended her hand to stroke him.

Taking the baby, the woman decided to look around to make sure that there were no other puppies nearby. Soon she noticed another baby, but, unfortunately, nothing could help him.

And the little Angel, as the volunteer called the dog, the woman carried straight to the car. He trembled with a thin body.He was nervous in an unfamiliar environment.

After a short journey, the baby was in the caring hands of a veterinarian. The doctor examined him, took tests and prescribed treatment. Evidently, Angel trusted the doctor because the puppy wagged its tail for the first time.

After therapy the baby’s inflamed skin turned from pink to white, and a little later the fur began to grow thicker. Once Angel’s health improved, a temporary home was found for him. At the overexposure, the baby was comfortable.He was deliciously fed, paid attention and spoiled in every possible way here.

Well, soon kind-hearted people became interested in the puppy and decided to take him to their home. The little one found himself in warmth and comfort with the owners, who sincerely fell in love with him. Soon he stoped to be shy, grew bolder and turned into a happy pet.

Angel loves to lie on the master’s bed, crawling under the covers, often dozing on the sofa and relaxing in the armchair with pleasure.

Needless to say, this cute dog is very lucky!

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