The veterinarian offered to euthanize his service dog and he decided to give joy to all retired dogs

All living beings deserve to be treated well, especially when they become old. But the service dogs that keep order and protect people should be on the special police and already at retirement age enjoy the laurels of glory and respect.

However, the reality was not so rosy. It turns out that service dogs are simply written off, given to shelters, where they live. But our today’s hero realized that these dogs deserve a better attitude.

The man decided to build a shelter for police dogs who retired. He spent over 150,000 yuan for this purpose. He deliberately designed the shelter, taking into account all the needs of dogs, so that this particular type of dog would feel as comfortable as possible.

There were obstacle courses as the dogs got used to the movement and had to keep themselves in good shape.

The owner of the shelter, Chinese Bai, shares that he considers dogs his family. The man does everything to make the shelter function normally. He personally prepares food for his wards, gives medicines, plays with them. Moreover, he has no days off. He is at the shelter every day.

But grateful dogs show by their example that he is not trying in vain, and when a retired dog is again able to jump over an obstacle course, he again feels a surge of strength, youth and energy.

We express our gratitude to this person for his grateful work and wish him success in this difficult case.

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