The veterinarian was able to cure a blind dog and adopted him after treatment

Among veterinarians, there is a belief that if a dog is sick, then it goes to the cabinet ahead of the owner, but a healthy animal drags after him.

So, about ten years ago, an Alabai dog was brought to the veterinarian. He has been completely blind since his birth in a dog kennel.

And then the veterinarian had to move to another house and he was in search of a new pet. And then a little dog was brought to his cabinet and asked that it would be better to give him the last injection so that the blind kid would not suffer for the rest of his life.

The doctor suggested treatment, but the owners did not agree to it, and then he simply asked to leave the dog to him, which was done. He even got the baby’s documents with a pedigree.

Then the veterinarian performed the operation, and immediately after the recovery, the alabaychik already had the opportunity to see.

The new owner and savior gave him the nickname Amram and loved to take him to various competitions and exhibitions, and the dog even won a prize at a competition in Belarus.

When Amram was eight years old, his health failed again. The stomach cancer was diagnosed and he decided to operate again, already having a lot of experience.

During the operation, he sobbed, knowing the situation. Amram had two weeks left and then he was inconsolable. And only later, when the veterinarian sheltered the foundling his grief decreased a little.

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