The wild tiger approached the man and asked for help..

The picture when a man finding a tiger in his backyard in need of help is heartbreaking.

It happened in a remote village, when the paramedic heard some sounds from outside, he thought it was just the wind, but anyway decided to go look .

Going out into the street, he couldn’t believe his eyes.Outside the door lay a huge tiger.He froze in horror as the tiger slowly got up and began to make its way towards the man.

Everything could haveended with one bite, but the tiger did something unexpected, approached the man and bowed his head.

It was then that the man saw that the tiger really had a metal loop around his neck, which caused him pain and a wound had already formed on his neck.

The wound became very inflamed and festered.The paramedic realized that something had to be done and went to his barn.

The animal followed him as if they were friends.When they entered, the paramedic removed the noose and began to clean the wound.

Despite the pain the tiger allowed the man to treat the wound and didn’t resist in any way, except that he refused the food brought to him.When the inflammation subsided and the suppuration was removed, the tiger disappeared.

Thanks to a kind man the life of the tiger was saved. A few days later he went outside and found a deer body, it was a thank you from the tiger for saving his life.

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