The woman saw the orphaned dogs and could not hold her tears. Her next move was the only right one

Hungry and frightened huddled in the center of Kursk. Animal rights activists made a post with their photo on social networks, and many kind people expressed their desire to help the babies.

There were also those who were ready to take the crumbs for overexposure and properly care for them. A woman named Olga has always loved animals, she literally shed a tear when she saw the state they were in and looked at the crumbs with sad eyes.

Later, the rest of the puppies were also sorted out voluntarily and during the stay they became very well-groomed and pretty. Four of the dogs have already been placed in permanent, caring families, where they live surrounded by love.

The other two still remained in Olga’s house and, despite the fact that they are beautiful, affectionate and very friendly, unfortunately, so far no one has dared to take them.

When the animals were on temporary overexposure, they rejoiced in a new, warm, cozy and well-fed life. They had their own toys, which Olga specially bought for the babies.And before that, a piece of bread was a great happiness for them and they did not know where to hide from rain and frost.

Mom wasn’t with them and no one could say what happened to her. Despite the fact that these are ordinary mongrels, they deserve no less love and are ready to thank for the good with positive and love.

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