The woman took the risk of adopting a dog that had no chance

Laura has long been engaged in saving animals, which, according to experts have no chance of being saved. And so one day she visited the dog, who was already being prepared for the last injection procedure. Then the woman realized that she was ready to change his fate.

Note that dog was terrifying, but the woman wasn’t one of those who quickly give up.She decided that she simply had to save him and she did it.

Now the dog, whom she named Kevin, is simply impossible to recognize.

This story, as well as possible, demonstrated that some people are capable of real acts of kindness and nobility.

Laura shared that she came across a picture of this dog on a social network. It was New Year’s Eve. He lived with one person, but he could no longer leave the animal with him.So she realized that it was necessary to act quickly.

The state of the animal caused tears. The man who picked him up said that he had a bad smell and some liquid oozed on his skin, peeled from wool.

At first she took the dog to the veterinarian, where they made disappointing diagnoses associated with infections and dangerous ticks.

Fortunately, Laura started treatment on time and irreversible consequences were avoided.But the process itself was long and difficult.

He took antibiotics for four months, coconut oil was added to his food, and were also needed regular therapeutic baths . But now everything is over and Kevin is healthy and happy.

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