The wonderful Briton Meepo is known for his love of water procedures

Let’s introduce you to the wonderful fluffy British Longhair breed, which has recently become another insta-celebrity. He already has about 40 thousand followers. And according to his page, we can conclude that more than anything this cat loves to take baths.

The family adopted him at the age of two months and the baby, realizing his own charm, very condescendingly allows himself to be loved and taken care of.

His white and very fluffy coat takes a lot of effort to be so clean and shiny, so regular washing has already become a part of his life.

At first, the owners were worried that, like most cats, their pet wouldn’t like to bathe so often. However, the cat’s reaction to the bath was very funny and unexpected.He just didn’t want to get out of the bubble bath.

Moreover, he found a bunch of things that he drags with him into the bath and plays in the process of bathing and now Meepo has a long-awaited shower every Saturday.

However, we hope that under the influence of this article and touched by this purr, you will not follow the example of its owners and bathe your mustachioed pet just as often.

Cats are advised to bathe once every one or even two months, and sometimes even less often. The exception is sphinxes or elves, which should be bathed once a week and every two weeks.

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