The workers bravely fought the python to save their beloved cat from its embrace

One day, a team of workers heard a cat squeak and came up to see what was happening there. The men were very familiar with the cat Paul and his friend Tyson.

During construction work in the yard, cats often visited them. A sharp squeak came from among the bushes, and when they parted them, they saw something surprising and terrifying. A huge python wrapped around their pet Paul already in four rings and intended to swallow it.

Pythons are distinguished by their special physical strength and they swallow their prey immediately. One of the workers pressed the head of the snake to the ground with a stick.And the second began to unwind it. The python had to release the prey.

The unfortunate was literally paralyzed with fright and lay motionless for several minutes. Then one of the men took the cat and began to shake it. Then the cat somehow got up on still cotton pads.

He was given fresh water and treated to his favorite treat fish.The python was taken away from the construction site right in the hands so that he would not harm anyone else.

Fortunately, this story didn’t have any victims, only the python was left without food.

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