The wounded dog couldn’t walk and crawled into the entrance to warm up, but from there he was put out in the cold

In January, life in the country traditionally freezes. The whole country goes on long weekends and often spends most of the days at the festive table, surrounded by family and friends. At the same time, a homeless dog appeared on the streets of Kursk, walking past shops closed for the holidays and empty yards, shaking from the cold. Soon the volunteers will name the dog Vegas.

One of the drivers was in a hurry to return to a warm apartment, he was not up to the dog, which was slowly walking along the road. So Vegas was under the wheels of a car.

The volunteers were told about Vegas by a girl who noticed a dog in her area who could not walk. The dog crawled, even this was difficult for him, but the only way he could get to the food pavilion, where he waited for caring customers to share food with him.

The girl began to bring him food every day. Gathering his last strength, Vegas crawled into the entrance so as not to sleep in the snow, but the residents of the house were against it and one night the dog was simply thrown out into the street.

Vegas was on the verge of life and death, but people just walked by, trying not to notice the dog lying in the snow and only occasionally throwing full disdainful glances at him.

Volunteers found Vegas when he was barely alive. The dog was immediately taken to the veterinarian, and the doctors began to operate on him.Vegas was saved and after the clinic he went to live in overexposure. Unfortunately, he has been looking for new owners for a long time, but no one wanted to give him love and a home. The dog has recovered from his injuries, one of his legs still does not bend, but this does not prevent him from being an active and mobile animal.

We wrote about Vegas on social networks, but no one wants to take away this smart and kind dog. Unfortunately, so far we have not been able to find even a curator for him who would take him for walks and give him at least a little of his attention.

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