The young man noticed that worn-out shoes were on one side of the street․ At that moment he..

A young student went for a walk with his teacher. Outside across the road he noticed a pair of worn-out boots that belonged to a poor peasant who was working in the fields and at the time he was finishing his job.

The student said to the professor ․

«Let’s joke.» Let’s hide his shoes and let’s see what he does.

The professor replied

«Young man, never joke about someone else’s misfortune.» But since you are rich, you can enjoy the following ․ Put a gold coin in each boot, and you and I will hide in the trees and see what it will do.

The student did so and they both hid behind trees and branches.

Soon the villager finished his work and returned from the field to the place where he had left his shoes and coat.

When he put on the shoes, he felt that there was something in it. At first he thought it was a stone but when he saw that it was a gold coin, he was very surprised.

He looked around and thought. He looked around again but saw no one. He put the coin in his pocket, started wearing another shoe.And he found another and started crying. Suddenly he knelt down, raised his head to the sky and began to pray and give thanks.

In prayer he remembered his seriously ill wife, the children who had nothing to eat.And now thanks to the invisible hand that gave him gold coin now they will be saved.

The student was deeply shocked and the tears were flowing from his eyes. The professor asked

“If you started joking the way you wanted to, would you be happier than now?”

The boy replied

«Professor, you taught me a lesson that I’ll never forget.» Now I understand what I never understood․ More blessed is the one who gives than the one who receives. That is why, if you want to do good, hurry up, you will definitely not regret it.

Return to the voice of your conscience, do not deviate from the path of moral values.

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