The young man saved the dog’s family life and found true friends

Most of the people drive our smaller brothers out of the yards and entrances. However the inhabitants of this entrance were compassionate and kind people and they let several dogs in to live with them, as it was cold outside, and it was warmer in the entrance.

They even brought them a rug and warm blankets so that the animals would not be cold. A couple of dogs that lived there were always together, they were inseparable and that’s what they called husband and wife. And then one day the dog, crossing the street, got under the wheels. She couldn’t get up and whimpered in pain.

Her partner stood by and barked for help. It was then that a young man drove by in a car and stopped to help. He quickly took the dog to the veterinarian for examination and it was there that they said that the dog was pregnant.

Igor paid the veterinarian and couldn’t leave the dog and took her to his home. He had long planned to have a pet. He gave her the nickname Bertha and became very attached to her. And then one day, when he was returning from work, a dog was waiting for him right at the doorstep.

The man realized that this was her chosen one and was very surprised by the fact that the dog found his apartment. He realized that the faithful husband wouldn’t go anywhere. The meeting was very touching. They barked merrily and wagged their tails, licking each other.

The guy realized that he would no longer part with this wonderful family and left them with him.

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