The young man took away the cat that miraculously survived the fire. Now the baby is simply unrecognizable

This touching story about the rescue and recovery of a little cat won’t leave anyone indifferent. Six months ago, the fire brigade went to put out a fire that broke out in a garage. To our great joy, they managed to extinguish it in time, the building wasn’t hightly damaged.

After the fire was extinguished, the team began to study the area and then in the corner they came across a tiny red cat with a burnt muzzle and paws. They couldn’t leave the unfortunate animal in such a state and sent to the veterinarian.

The cat was found to have third-degree burns and the chances of survival were reduced to a minimum. But the veterinarians fought for the life of the baby as best they could. News about a kitten burned in a fire began to spread online.

And the young man, seeing the ad, immediately came to the veterinary clinic. When he saw the cat and took him in his arms, he began to purr and clung to him. The guy immediately fell in love with him and gave him the nickname Dobby.

At home, the new owner of the purr quickly went on the mend. The skin quickly recovered, the paws weren’t so badly damaged, but the surgeons still had to amputate several fingers. A few days later the bandages were removed.

When Dobby was taken home from the clinic, three cats were already waiting for him at home. But the kid adapted very quickly and made friends with everyone. He was very affectionate and avoided conflicts. Now the cats are a beautiful red cat, a real favorite of the family.

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