The young man walked with the dog and the cat followed them and escorted them way to the doorstep

It happened last summer when John went for a walk with his dog as usual. A few minutes passed and they noticed that a small unfamiliar kitten.

It was so tiny that it would easily fit in a man’s palm. The young man called his wife and asked her to bring food for the kitten with her.

The kid followed John with a dog but his wife was against a new pet in the apartment, since they already had three cats and a dog. But they still sheltered the baby for a while, so that later they could pass it on to a friend.

The woman did not refuse such a cute fluffy because he was charming, and she had long dreamed of having a cat. The man’s wife was convinced that the baby was happy in the house of a woman who loves animals.

He was given the nickname Pino and provided comfortable living conditions, and when the kid got used to it, he showed his playful disposition. Within a year he became quite large and, according to the veterinarian, there were Maine Coons in his genealogy.

So, a homeless little kitten, thanks to his perseverance and big dream of finding his own home and a loving family, finally achieved his goal and is now completely happy.

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