The young woman set a condition for the guy: either her or the cat. The guy chose the cat

At the age of 33, the hero of our story had almost everything that many consider important: his own home, a car, and a stable job. But the most special thing in his life was his cat, Hobbs, who meant more to him than just a pet. This man genuinely wanted to find his significant other and start a family, but, as it often happens, meeting the right person proved to be challenging.

It seemed that he had finally found his soulmate. His relationship with this woman was far from simple, but they had a lot in common. They were together for a long time, went through a breakup due to religious differences, but managed to overcome it and rekindle their romance. Everything was going well, despite minor disagreements and misunderstandings that are typical in any relationship.

There came a time when the man felt it was right to invite her into his home. Even though he was a modest person and had previously preferred neutral meeting places, he now felt unprecedented trust in her.

However, to his immense disappointment, everything went awry as soon as she crossed the threshold of his home. He had never mentioned his cat, Hobbs, knowing about her indifference toward animals. Her reaction was highly emotional: she gave him an ultimatum, asking him to choose between her and the cat.

Initially, he was in shock, but then he decided without hesitation that his choice was Hobbs. He stated that he couldn’t imagine his life without his four-legged friend. This marked the end of their complicated yet promising relationship.

The man never truly understood what had led her to make such a decision. However, he quickly stopped dwelling on it because, for him, the cat was always and remains a top priority. He realized that, at this stage of his life, Hobbs was his family, the most valuable and closest thing he had.

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