There are 4 mistakes in this marine puzzle, can you spot them in 13 seconds?

How long do you think it will take you to solve this puzzle? Weekends are often synonymous with foggy awakenings, and this puzzle is designed to wake up any still-sleepy brain.

Challenges are not just sources of entertainment; they also contribute to maintaining our cognitive abilities, including memory, concentration, and reasoning.

Regularly engaging our minds to solve problems can help keep our brains in good shape.

This particular challenge will test your skills, as participants must spot four errors hidden among two divers at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by fish and even a dolphin.

Visual Test: There are 4 errors in this marine puzzle, can you spot them in 13 seconds?

Only the most attentive observers will be able to identify all the errors in 13 seconds or less. At first glance, nothing seems abnormal, but that’s where attention should be focused because the errors are skillfully hidden in the underwater landscape.

If you think you have the necessary skills to solve the puzzle in record time, get comfortable, set a timer, and go for it.

The answer is revealed below, so try not to cheat.

If you fail to spot all the errors within the time limit, don’t worry. Take your time and see if you can identify them.


If you think so, let’s move on to the answers.

Solution to the marine puzzle:

There are four errors hidden in the image – and they’re not all obvious.

Scroll down to discover the answers.

Firstly, note that the diver is wearing a tank instead of a breathing apparatus on the back.

The second error lies in the fact that the dolphin has only one fin.

Thirdly, the word «SOS» has been written in the sand underwater, which is impossible.

Lastly, another anomaly is present: a butterfly underwater, located in the upper right corner among the fish. If this puzzle seemed too easy to you, why not take on other challenges?

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