There is a mouse in the picture and you must find it within 30 seconds maximum, few have succeeded!

In this picture, there is a mouse. Your task today is to find it as quickly as possible.

This visual challenge has puzzled social media users to test both their senses and concentration. It’s a viral challenge to find the mouse in the picture.

Will you be able to find it in less than 30 seconds?

When looking at the image, you’ll see it depicts a woman in a library telling a cat to catch the little rodent; however, the kitty doesn’t seem keen on listening.

That’s why for this visual challenge, you need to spot the mouse. Search calmly, but don’t forget the 30-second time limit. If you analyze the image carefully, you’ll eventually find it.

If you haven’t found the mouse yet, forget about the time limit and continue to search calmly.


The challenge presented in this image is already circulating on Facebook and other social networks.

If you’re one of the many users who haven’t managed to find where the rodent is hiding, we’ll show you where the little animal is.

Tell us how quickly you managed to solve this test, and if you consider yourself an observant person in the comments below.

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