There was a wet box on the side of the road, covered with a towel. Someone cast a blind rabbit at her

On the side of the road was a wet cardboard box with a towel thrown over it. All this seemed suspicious to a caring passer-by, so he decided to check what was inside. And no wonder the man did it! He was shocked to see an elderly blind rabbit curled up next to a pink plush toy.

The savior realized that the pet, who was later named Guinness, needed help.So he hurried to take him to the veterinary clinic and then contacted the rescuers, asking them to adopt the baby.

The unfortunate animal, probably, was very frightened, being in the cold all alone with his toy.

Soon the rescuers took the rabbit away. The presence of a rabbit toy nearby gives him peace of mind, and wherever Guinness goes, she must be nearby.

Despite everything experienced, the baby was in good condition. He was abandoned by the previous owners, but still hasn’t lost faith in people.

Now Guinness is in the care of rescuers and is recovering rapidly. He is friendly, willing to communicate with people and spends a lot of time with his favorite toy.

Volunteers hope that the rabbit and his pink plush friend will soon be adopted by some kind family.

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