They left the dog in the parking lot and drove off

The confused animal wandered between the cars and was looking for its owner. The dog waited nine days for him, thinking that he would come back for her and pick her up from the parking lot.But that didn’t happen.

The poor thing was noticed by the worker of the shelter. However, the dog didn’t make contact with her because she was scared and didn’t trust people. The dog was waiting for its owners and the stranger only made her nervous.

The woman understood the condition of the animal. After a while the dog began to feel more relaxed in the company of a shelter employee. And soon the woman managed to completely arrange the pet to her.

So Samantha ended up in a shelter. Employees posted about her on social networks. There were people who wanted to take care of the dog. So Samantha found a home with loving owners.

But at first they had a hard time with her. She was nervous in the new house and was in no hurry to trust the new owners. People showed all their patience and waited for Samantha to trust them and feel comfortable.

Gradually the dog began to trust the owners and forgot about his fears.

This is how can turn out the fate of a defenseless creature , if you help him in time. Let in the world be as many kind and caring people as possible.

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