This cat is too cool to listen to people. He refuses to leave the supermarket

We have all heard about the independence and freedom of cats. They do not like to be pointed out and, of course, they have the right to walk where it is convenient for them.

For example, this charming red cat loves to visit one of London’s supermarkets.

No one knew who the cat belonged to and where it came from, and at first the guards simply took him out of the supermarket. However, as you might guess, cats are completely indifferent to human rules, they are fearless and they do not care about human instructions.

So our hero named Ollie-Oliver, as if nothing had happened, again went to the supermarket and calmly hosted there.

You can often meet a cat that sits there on the shelves and either looks at customers, or thinks about its own, about personal.

A supermarket employee found out that the cat lives in a neighboring house. He added that although he was not supposed to be here by law, Oliver was friendly, absolutely healthy and did not interfere with customers in any way, on the contrary, he attracted them.

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