This cat looks like a painting, but it’s real and loves destroying toilet paper rolls

At first look at Kat, it seems that people were quite interested in the idea of ​​dimerizing the cat and managed to draw their unusual version. Well, there is no such accurate division in nature! More precisely, even as it happens, it just happens seldom and almost all carriers of the effect without exception.

Well, now the list has been added by the cat named Kat.

Kat is very young, having been born less than 2 years ago. The owner says that at first, she did not know about the uniqueness of the beauty. She confused it with another factor.

According to her, Kat’s parents are from different breeds and she is half Scottish and half Persian. So the extraordinary appearance is supposedly the mix of two breeds, but this is not so.

Strictly speaking, it would be a good idea to do a genetic analysis before making any assertions. But even so, it is obvious that there is more than 1 chimera in the world. Here’s Kate’s secret!

In addition to the unique appearance, Kat is good at hunting toilet paper. It becomes the subject of everyday quarrels. Kat can’t hold back, all she wants is a toilet roll! You have to hide the paper behind 7 locks. If not so, all stocks can be destroyed in just a day.

The owner, in all seriousness, writes that there is no need for likes or comments under the photo, just send toilet paper if you really want to please the cat!

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