This dog warmed his owner for 20 hours who fell into a snowdrift and, thereby, saved his life

In the state of Michigan in the USA, a faithful pet spent more than twenty hours with his owner who fell into a snowdrift and couldn’t move.As a result, thanks to him, the man managed to avoid fatal frostbite.

In the application, which was then processed in the clinic it was noted that on the night before the New Year, the man went to fetch firewood to build a fireplace.Moreover, he left the house in pajamas and the temperature outside was minus five degrees and ice.

He stumbled, fell and sprained his neck. And then his dog, a golden retriever named Casey, lay down on the owner and warmed him for almost a day, periodically licking his hands and feet and constantly barking to attract people.

The owner then shared that Kelsey constantly warmed him and barked.It was she who gave him the strength to fight for life, otherwise the man would have given up. And finally, in the morning, the neighbor heard a dog barking right on January 1, he was taken to the hospital.

It turned out that he had a severe fracture of the neck and the man is infinitely grateful to his dog and the treating doctor.These two gave him a chance to live on. At the clinic, he was told that the man had lost consciousness, and the dog didn’t stop barking until help arrived.

He had an operation, and then he went through a long rehabilitation period, and the dog also supported him and was there.

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