This dog was adopted from a shelter a year ago, but he does not stop hugging his owner

Kylo is an adorable dog from a shelter who was rescued by his owner a year ago and is still so grateful to her that he never ceases to please her with hugs.

When Kylo Ren was only ten months old, he was sent to an animal shelter in West Memphis. Shelter staff were actively looking for a permanent home and loving owners for this charming dog, because he was so sociable and demanded too much love.

For a long time, Kylo remained in overexposure and no one showed much interest in him.

The volunteers could not understand why this charming young dog did not attract attention. But, finally, there was a family that this dog was interested in.

In the new house, Kylo showed his true character, kind and loving. He hugs his mistress as soon as she appears on the threshold, and when she sits down, jumps on her knees and demands a lot of attention.

Moreover, this affection began as soon as Megan, the mistress of Kylo, saw him.The dog immediately jumped up to her and began to hug, and she realized that she couldn’t go home without him. Since then Kylo has become a beloved pet.

He is very grateful that he has found a loving home forever, and he does not limit this love to his owners, but gives it to everyone and everyone he meets.

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