This dog was even afraid to look in the people’s eyes and was doomed to euthanasia, but everything turned out differently

Dog Clementine was living at a shelter where she was about to be euthanized in just two days. It was then that a woman named Chelsea stumbled upon her picture online.

The dog was very emaciated and with a lot of diseases. The shelter staff no longer hoped that she would get better and, moreover, someone would need to adopt her.

But the exhausted animal immediately sunk into the soul of the woman and she went to fill out an application to pick her up.

The volunteer from the shelter even shed a tear when she found out which dog Chelsea was interested in, saying that out of hundreds of applications, no one showed interest in her.

She warned that the dog is one of the most problematic and it is necessary to try very hard to establish contact with her. However, Chelsea have already made a decision. Seeing the dog, the woman realized that Clementine had never seen love and affection. She refused to make eye contact, and at home she shivered and hid behind various things.

She communicated with only two other pets in the family and at such moments looked very happy. She underwent long-term treatment at the veterinarian for allergies and a number of other diseases. After a while, the dog got much better. She became more sociable and stopped shaking.

Only after seven months she begin to treat her owners with trust and gratitude. She loves to look into their eyes and listens carefully to human speech. But with loud and unexpected sounds, she is still afraid.

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