This dog was on a chain and could not get out of the rubble. Luckily she was saved

This dog got into a trap and spent three days in a row without water and food until rescuers found it. Now the dog named Bubbles is happy again, enjoying life and playing, wagging his tail merrily. But just a couple of days ago there was not even a remote reason for joy. The poor animal lay under the rubble and could not even move.

She could not call for help, but simply lay immobilized. But the dog was lucky, the neighbor noticed it in time and turned to the rescue service, asking for help, as he was afraid to touch the rubble himself, so as not to make things worse.

However, the question remained, how did Bubbles fall into this very trap? But the answer was simple and lay on the surface. This was one of the terrible consequences of hurricane Ida, which affected many animals.

As soon as the rescuers received a call, a group of operatives arrived at the scene and found a collapsed barn with a dog that was completely exhausted and could not even express joy at his rescue. Rescuers and police officers worked together and it was not an easy job.

Fortunately, the dog itself did not cause problems and was not at all aggressive. Moreover, she was completely indifferent. But as soon as she was released, it was as if the former Bubbles were unrecognizable. She galloped lightly and was ready to kiss her saviors.

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