This is the real mother. Street mom cat was crying and whining, begging to save her kitten

It is extremely rare for a street animal to show friendliness to a person. Therefore, if a stray cat came up to you, then you can safely rejoice.. you are one of the chosen ones.

In modern big cities there is a huge number of homeless pets, which, unfortunately, due to very poor conditions, live a short life. Therefore, it is very important to help our four-legged friends to the best of their ability in difficult periods of their lives.

And our story is just about such kind and caring people.


James and his girlfriend have developed a habit of feeding the cat that roams around their house. And once she came to the couple for help, holding her kitten in her teeth. The girl noticed that something was wrong with the baby. It turned out she had a broken hip.

The mother cat decided to leave her injured kitten with the couple and she was not mistaken. Young people immediately took him to a veterinary clinic and found that he had a fracture of both tibia.

He was operated on there and the kitten lives in a “foster family” to this day. The rescued cat was named Maiko.And the mother cat now and then visits them for food.

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