This kitten huddled alone in a sock in frost and has already lost hope of salvation

Cruel people just threw this black cat out on the street right before the onset of severe frosts. The unfortunate purr was not ready for life on the street and did not know at all where and how to protect himself from the severe cold.

As a result, he found a place under the warm water pipes and hugged them with weakened paws in order to somehow warm himself. The cat was seen by one kind grandmother, who regularly brought him food, but still did not dare to take it home.

Granny was old and lived alone, and she thought that if something happened to her, then there would be no one to look after the baby. Very soon, Chernysh became very ill and then the grandmother knitted him a warm featherbed in the form of a sock with her own hands so that he could warm himself.

But for this reason, the cat developed a serious skin infection, as he was deprived of the opportunity to lick himself. After some time, the cat became even worse and he refused to eat. Grandma found a volunteer and began to strongly beg him to take the cat.

The girl immediately arrived and took the cat. She took off that sock from him and was horrified. His fur had peeled off in places and there were spittle patches on his skin, and he was also infested with parasites. When examined by a veterinarian, it turned out that he also had pneumonia and many other problems.

The treatment was long and expensive, but fortunately, as a result, the cat recovered. He began to eat with appetite, overgrown with a new shiny coat, and there was only a cure for a hernia and castration. Now the cat is in a shelter and gets along well with his fellow tribesmen, waiting for his kind owners.

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