This kitten wants to be hugged all the time

Canadian Milena once saw a small kitten with a red coat on a social network. The little needed help and care.

Milena could not remain indifferent and decided to help the baby.

The kitten was emaciated.The cat’s head was lowered all the time, ears were pressed, and she was afraid to look into the eyes.

The woman immediately went with the kitten to the veterinary clinic.There, the baby was put on a drip and helped to feed her normally, because she refused to eat.

Physical recovery affected the kitty, and she began to slowly become more active. As soon as the condition of the animal noticeably improved, the volunteers gave it to overexposure.

From the moment the baby realized what kindness and care are.

The cat is no longer afraid, as it was at the vet. She constantly asks to be picked up and stroked.

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