This Labrador didn’t leave the entrance to the hospital for a week…

Labrador Toto did not understand that one day people go to another world.This is exactly what happened to his owner and he was still waiting for him at the entrance to the hospital in a small Argentine town.

For a week, the dog didn’t leave this place, as if he was sitting on duty.And the relatives didn’t pay attention to him and didn’t care what would happen next with the pet, who had been a close and faithful friend of the departed for six years.

The hospital staff took pity on the animal. They decided to lay a piece of cardboard at the entrance and put a box in which the dog could sleep. Pictures with the poor man were published on the social network by visitors to this hospital. And so the animal protection organization became aware of him and he was taken to a shelter.

After the relatives of the former owner didn’t say anything, they decided to find new owners for Toto. They made a post on their page, posting his photo and telling his story.

A house was needed, which would be further from the same hospital, so that he would not be able to resort here. Labradors are the most faithful and devoted breed of dogs and the separation from the owner is especially difficult for them.

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