This little dog is a mixture of different breeds

Normy conquers Instagram, and all this is thanks to its unique appearance.

It’s surely not the first puppy to achieve internet fame, but it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This is because the puppy is a mixture of husky and pomeranian Spitz, and it has the best qualities of both breeds.

It stands out wherever it goes, with its tiny stubbly face and dark circles around the eyes.

The dog was adopted by its owners just two months ago when they came up with the brilliant idea of creating a social media account for it.

They recognized the dog as a potential star, and they were right.

Since a web account was created and images of a charming dog began to appear, the dog has over 100,000 followers.

Besides, who could forget such a beautiful muzzle? The dog always smiles, and this enthusiasm is infectious.

A simple look at the image of this unique and charming dog will undoubtedly instantly cause a smile on your face!

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